About us

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“About us” You’re about to discover Noëki’s journey and her achievements in exclusive girls garments.

The secret of our beautiful fashion lines does not only depend on needle and thread, nor does it on cotton or wool, buttons or ribbons. It does however depend on the hard working people, who lay their hearts and souls into creating handmade pieces in our workshops.

It’s been a while since the brand NOËKI was baptized. It represents a beautiful design and unique fashion for babies and kids aged between 0 and 7.


We plan to introduce subsequently all additional articles that make your kids feel comfortable. Our complete range of cute little clothes for boys and girls is designed by the most competent people and is handmade in compliance with Belgian standards.

This implies that we demand and guarantee the highest standards, when it comes to quality. We conduct regular quality controls at our suppliers in terms of softness of the organic fabrics, before they are selected and used in our designs.
Our first collection will be launched at a number of 252 pieces. “Winter 2017”-collection consists of cute baby garments for boys and girls, sized between 56 and 92. Besides that we want the first collection of cradle- and bedlinen, presenting impeccable quality and nice design, to be online too. Our second exclusive collection, the “Summer 2018”-collection will be presented in sizes going as far up as size 128, for kids aged 7.

NOËKI’s objective is to obtain through the web shop a substantial market share on European level. We plan to integrate, in addition to our own brands, some other quality side-products in our web shop. The fashion collection being extended to size 128 and age 7, we want to be able to provide you with bath clothing, underwear, accessories of all kinds for the kids.

Tailor made kids fashion:

Noëki offers, in addition to the regular sizes, the possibility of tailor made baby- and kids clothing, independent of size, colour or level.
Our colleagues, whether it’s the designer or the tailor, have built years of experience on professional level and are extremely passionate about creating exclusive tailor made fashion for adults and children.

Flower girl dress and creating luxury dress:

The house Noëki specializes in haute couture customization and presents at the end of this year one exclusive collection of 2019 party dresses for the girls. A unique dresses for girls such as bridesmaid dress, communion dress, birthday dress, Christmas dress and dresses for all special occasions.

Whether you’re looking to dress your kid in the perfect outfit at his or her holy Communion, midsummer party or you want your kid to look special in his or her brides maid outfit, let us know and we’ll find a unique design for you.

“Simply provide us with the correct sizes, colour and model and after agreement and pre-payment we’ll tailor the dresses for you. You can expect the finished pieces within 2 weeks’ time.”

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How to proceed?

1. Please get in contact with us to make an appointment
2. Provide us with the correct sizes of your kid
3. Choose the fabrics


As we are present on the European market, it’s only obvious we’d offer multilingual services. At the moment our website is being shaped to provide visitors with Dutch, English Portuguese, Spanish and French.


This means that the cute baby clothes for boys and girls come in limited numbers (hundreds instead of thousands!) and are available as long as supplies last. That way your kid is assured to get the most admiring reactions and is sure to conquer many hearts with his or her unique looks.

Repair service:

NOËKI comes with a full repair service for its own fashion lines, offered for free within the first 6 months after purchase.