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Exclusive kids fashion

“Exclusive kids fashion Noëki means exclusive quality and handmade products.”

The norm Exclusive kids fashion, is standards at Noëki are very clear: exclusive quality and handmade Belgian clothes. Each and every piece of clothing manufactured under Noëki label has its own unique style and quality. Those are indeed the main features to add up to the overall comfort of a wearable. They procure a warm and cosy feeling for our cute little sweethearts.

By setting high standards we’ve decided at Noëki’s to use only high end quality fabrics for the manufacturing of our baby and kids clothing. That is why we try to keep our processes as much as possible in-house instead of outsourcing. By doing so we can ensure a high quality control of every single designed and manufactured piece. Control is indeed a lot more accurate, since we limit our collections to a few hundred pieces.

Our organic fabrics are chosen meticulously and are thoroughly tested in washing machines. Only after passing these tests do they get the final approval and will we be using them in our collections. New designs, fruit of our designer’s the expertise, are created in the meantime. We value a lot aspects of ergonomics and comfort of use. Correct handling as following the washing instructions will add to the general comfort.

Exclusivity: means that every piece has been designed in-house and is the hard work of our designer. It also means that the cute baby clothes for boys and girls come in limited numbers and are available as long as supplies last.

Noëki offers unique and exclusive baby fashion between age 0 and 2 in sizes 56 to 92. Are expected in Spring 2018 the sizes 98 to 128 for the kids collections until age 7.


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