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Organic Fabrics

What are exactly organic fabrics?

The Noëki web shop provides you with exclusive, high quality and handmade kids clothing and different articles made of organic fabrics. Why do we prefer those organic fabrics? Simply because organic cotton is pure, natural and allows an easy transpiration of the sensitive skin. As compared to chemically treated fabrics in clothing, diapers or bedlinen, those latter tend to disturb the natural balance of your skin, by accumulating to much heat and causing the skin to absorb too much moisture, resulting quite often in harsh and eczema. Needless to say that those are the most frequently observed irritations your baby’s skin is bound to react to.

Noëki and organic fabrics

At Noëki we reckon organic fabrics offer quite some features we think are very important both for personal health and environment.
• Those crops are basically grown in a natural way: toxic chemicals are banned, creating a much safer environment for the farmer to work in and preserving the soil. Subsequently it creates a safer environment for the workers in processing the cotton.
• Processing organic fabrics means less water used and less greenhouse gasses emitted.
• The organic fabrics processing plants are regularly controlled and don’t recur to child labour. The production process is completely free of toxic materials.

The organic fabrics and derived products are completely free of toxic materials. By doing so they are extremely safe on your skin. The skin is a human’s largest organ, so do treat it with the greatest care!

All fabrics in our web shop are produced and dyed ecologically. To carry the label “organic” or “ecological” the fabrics have to meet the highest standards.


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