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Our first baby collection

Our first baby collection, warm and colorful jacket made out of soft and comfortable organic jersey. The jacket is reversible and fun to combine .
Our first baby collection

“Our first baby collection”

Creating our first baby collection has been a difficult journey with a lot of obstacles, lots of patience and most of all 2 individuals reconnecting with each other.

After long and seemingly endless years of silence, an innovative wind of change blew our way. The initial suggestion, unreacted to for over 20 years, now eventually would get a positive reaction.

Experience and expertise were finally combined. The designer’s creativity and the passion driven ambitions of 2 persons took it to the next level.

A new project was born and baptized: Designer Noëlla lent her name for the project, completed with de designation of our focus group, the kids. Noëki was born!

Name and fame

Noëlla had always been playing with the idea of creating her own fashion line. Her reputation as a designer and tailor had already been established in the past. That aspect offered the new company quite a solid base. We then decided on the fabrics to be used, bought them and started our first, small-scale production. That actually was an important try-out, allowing us to get the confirmation that our brand would fit the right target group.


Our fashion line fits babies and kids aged between 0 and 7 years: it is exclusive, comfortable, it offers quality, style and is indeed timeless.

Perfect fit

The Noëki wearables are a perfect match with other pieces, are easy to wash and the fabrics are all of high quality. Patterns are carefully designed, regardless any kind of print, and always offer the perfect fit.

Web shop

The Noëki web shop is not a purpose on itself. It is however a fair and meaningful process of reaching the target group for whom the fashion line was created in the first place. The additional advantage of the web shop is being available throughout, 24/7.


Noëki uses only sustainable fabrics, using for that matter less dye, consuming less water and subsequently reducing energy costs. Clearly there is a well-defined target group, highly appreciating these articles. Noëki’s fashion line ranks high in the sub top.

Belgian design

This Belgian design, so much appreciated, is clearly to be noticed both in the design patterns and in the pieces. The basics for this design are quality and comfort of use.


Our designer’s labour is pure and simple handicraft, which is much appreciated nowadays. Craftsman labour has pretty much become a type of art, meaning that a traditional article is often more sustainable than its industrially manufactured counterpart.


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