Privacy and security

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“NOËKI pays major attention to protecting your privacy and securing your personal data, whenever you visit our web shop.”

Your personal data are introduced in NOËKI’s data base.

We use personal data only when in the execution of the terms of our General Conditions applicable to our web shop activities. We respect the privacy of all visitors to our web shop. We look very carefully into it that the personal information that you provide us with, is treated confidentially. The treatment of the personal data is done safely and in compliance with the legal provisions as stated in the Regulations on Protection of Personal Data.

Your personal data are only used when related to the execution of our terms and conditions and to purchase activities of kids fashion items in our web shop. Personal information will never be provided or sold to third parties and we never use personal data for other purposes than what they are meant for

The location you insert your personal data, is a secured web environment. Your personal data are only used when related to the execution of our terms and conditions. Your name and address are used when it comes to billing and of course in the shipment process. In this matter we also would like to have a phone number, preferably mobile. This number is only used when needed regarding your order. We need your email address in order to send you a confirmation mail for your purchase.

As said, we don’t provide your personal data to third parties, unless those parties are involved in the execution of the process. Most obviously our logistics partners will have access to your data, to be able to ship the goods properly. But they only have access to those data, necessary to the completion of their specific task.


We won’t send you any mailing or offer you didn’t ask for, even after your first purchase in our web shop. However, if you choose to be kept up to date, you have the possibility to register for our newsletter.


We only use cookies , when they are relevant in the execution and completion of the purchase transaction. Since the use of cookies in a necessary part of the transaction, no prior consent is needed.

In those pages where you need to fill in your personal data we only use secured SSL-connections. This consists of a very small information file on your computer. This file doesn’t contain or stores any personal data or sensitive information of any kind. These cookies remain stored in your computer for a period of 30 days after your visit to our web shop and are removed automatically afterwards.

At any time have you got access to your personal data, in order to consult, correct or remove them. You can do so yourself by accessing my account, or you can send us the changes you want to


S Payments on the internet are extremely easy. You don’t need to worry about office hours, which are permanent, and you have an enormous range of products and the possibility to compare. They are also proven to be reliable and secure. Yet, you should be aware of the fact that pretty much everyone who accesses your credit cards data, can quite easily purchase online at your expense. Do keep your credit cards, and the data related to, safe for that matter. Know that you will always get a receipt (download section) or a purchase confirmation mail, even for purchases on the internet.