Return Policy

“As a customer you can always exchange or return goods at Noëki.”

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A customer always has the possibility of exchanging or returning articles. He or she is given a period of time of 15 days after reception of the goods, which we call the cool-down period. Please do respect this period of 15 days. We ask you to read our General Conditions carefully, especially the information on how to return goods properly.

If you have goods you want to return, please register them through my account or at, if you don’t have an account yet.

Bear in mind following items, when returning an article:

  1. Make sure to respect the cool-down period of 15 days after reception of your purchase.
  2. Garments and other articles should be returned in impeccable and original state.
  3. Make sure your return shipments are properly packed. When not, they risk getting damaged during transportation, which causes our liability to —————-
  4. All shipment costs for returning goods are at the expense of the customer, in the exception of production defaults. If however you want to exchange an article, you will be sent an email containing a particular code. This code allows you to return the article for free.

How to proceed?

  • Log in through my account or at aftersales, if you don’t have an account yet;
  • Fill in the online document correctly and completely;
  • Pack the goods properly and indicate clearly the destination address;
  • Always add your return document to the original bill or purchase order;
  • Always keep a copy of the return document with you;
  • Take the returned goods to the closest collection point of our logistics partner;

You can always drop off the goods for withdrawal or exchange for free in one of our distribution point in Belgium. Please note that even here you will need the original bill or purchase order, which you can find through my account, then click on “my orders”.

NOËKI in Belgium:

    • LIMBURG –B-3870 HEERS, Darisstraat 14
    • OOST-VLAANDEREN – B-9770 KRUISHOUTEM, Warandestraat 17
    • Please note that even here you will need the original bill or purchase order, which you can find through, then click on “my orders”.