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The first photo shoot

The first photo shoot,
“Noëki “The first baby collection

“The first photo shoot for the first baby winter collection!”

Noëki’s , the first photo shoot with its models took a rather unexpected twist. At first we had planned the photo shoot ourselves, but the planning turned out not to be as smooth as we thought and we decided to change plans.

If you are to present cute little baby outfits for boys and girls, that are a high quality end product, the last you need is a presentation not meeting the same standards. So we contracted a professional photographer, who suggested immediately to work with live models. He provided us not only with the kids, but also took care of the baby models.

How we had been looking forward to this photo shoot, coping with all the hard work and the stress to make this a memorable day!

Despite all preparations, it seemed advisable to arrive early enough at the photographer, anticipating on our first photo shoot. Kids, mamas and papas arriving in different time frames, once everybody was present, it turned into a frantic yet pleasant commotion.

At some point things were even a little chaotic, when all the kids and baby models had to be dressed properly.

But in the end it was all worth it and we invite you to take a look at the nice pictures of our models, following this link.


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